Then off to Ontario Center NY. (Near Rochester) for a Steam Generator Replacement on the Ginna Nuclear Generation Station. When I first went there, I was staying in a hotel across the street from a restaurant-bar place and they had the best chicken wings I've ever had. While I was there, I went to Buffalo, NY. to the original place where the chicken wings were good, but they weren't as good as the restaurant & bar across from the hotel. 

The first three months were dedicated to assembling a 4600 Ringer Crane to lift the Generator out and into the containment vessel. I think it could lift 100 tons at a 100-foot radius and it was owned by Lampson Crane & Rigging locate in Kennick WA. I knew them very well and went fishing in Ilwaco WA. with them on their boat when I was working on the Hanford Reservation in Kennewick WA. The Ginna Nuclear Power Plant is on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, in the town of Ontario, NY. I lived in a small apartment in the city of Pennfield, NY. It was hot during the summer and cold during the winter reaching -30° below 0° one morning when I went to work. I had to thaw out the doorknob to get the key in the doorknob one morning. That's where I bought the A/C unit that's under the workbench in the garage that I keep trying to give to you guys. Smart because it's old and probably uses more power than a new one.