Once finished with the African project, Bechtel sent me to Morris, Illinois, to work on the Dresden Generating Station for about three months. While I was there, I started shooting sporting clays with my Browning Over and Under shotgun and it was a fun thing to do on the weekends. I met a guy and I don't remember his name, but his family owned a bunch of land around Morris and he would take me pheasant hunting. The pheasant would scare me because they would fly up out of your pocket, it seemed, by the time I would gather myself and aim at the bird it was too late so I never got to kill a pheasant but it was fun to go with him. While working there, I met a couple that owned a Vietnamese restaurant and they would show me what to order. That worked because he was an American and she was Vietnamese and he knew what an American would like. That is where I learned about Panang Curry with chicken, beef, or pork. It was an enjoyable experience but a short one.